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Stonehaven was established in 2014 and registered in June 2015. I purchased my first Sheltie, and my first dog, when I was 14 years old. I can remember begging my parents daily for a dog growing up. Finally the day came after my Mom would frequently see a Sheltie on walks with its owner that she always admired and thought that it would be the breed for us. We found a local breeder and my wait began again, those 8 weeks seemed to take an eternity, even with me taking my bicycle over to visit every Saturday. But then, my Kaleb came home with me and I instantly fell in love. He was beautiful, he was smart, he was loyal and we did everything we could together. My love for Shelties grew daily and I envisioned breeding them one day.
I had two other Shelties before I got Titus (2010) - my heart dog. He opened up the dog world to me to whole new level. I purchased TITUS from Highledge Shelties. And since then, I’ve been involved with showing, obedience, rally, agility, teaching and grooming. And here I am today, living my dream of owning and breeding beautiful Shelties. I purchased my foundation girl, Elsie, from Grandgables when she was 4 ½ months old. You can see her page HERE.
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